What Color Jewelry Says About You

When your creating that piece of jewelry, keep in mind the projected feeling the jewelry will reflect.
YELLOW Good cheer and happiness, artistic, social people who have dramatic imaginations
ORANGE Social creatures who gets along with almost everyone. Orange will cheer you up
if your feeling grumpy
RED Bright and dramatic and the love of joy and bravery.  Shows energy, optimistic
individual who love attention
PINK Gentleness, softness and calm. Compassionate and dislikes controversy
GREEN Calming, fresh beginning.  Increases emotions, affectionate, loyal and frank.  It's
your reputation 
BLUE Serene and tranquil, peace and contentment.  Harmony, capable and reliable.
You make an effort to think of others.
PURPLE Rich, vibrant associated with  royal and riches.  Many "eccentric" personalities 
prefer purple
BLACK Power and sophistication and chosen for business wear.  Mystery invokes a sense 
of the unknown.  
BROWN Stability and reliability, organic connection with the earth.
GRAY Solid and timeless, a neutral.  All things muted.
WHITE Innocence, purity and cleaniness. Tangible or psychological of their lives.  Timely