Color Psychology and Personality

BLACK Authority, power. Popular fashion style,  Fiercely loyal, disciplined, make
overpowering, wearing makes you seem aloof decisions based on feelings vs logic
WHITE Innocence and purity.  Reflects light summer Seek out the unexplored. Limit
color. Sterility yourself to goals you can achieve
RED Intense, Color of love, confrontations,  Mover and shaker Direct. Saying
appear heavier.  Attract attention "no" is not a problem
BLUE Peaceful, tranquil, cold.  Wearing blue  Optimistic, dreamy, gives others 
symbolizes loyalty.  More productive in blue benefit of doubt. Positive, upbeat
GREEN Nature, easiest color on the eye. Calming, Terrific listener, streetwise. Natural
refreshing curiosity
YELLOW Cheerful, attention getter, speeds metabolism Optimist, overextend yourself.
Yellow rooms enhance concentration and Don't accept kindness easily
hot tempers
PURPLE Royalty, luxury, wealth, sophistication,
BROWN Solid, abundant in nature.  Can be sad and 
wiseful. Light brown genuineness