Color of Gemstones

Achroite (Tourmaline) Albite Agate (chalcedony) Agate (Chalcedony) Agate
Albite Amber Albite Almandine Albite
Amber Amblygoite Amblygonite Amber Almandine
Amblygonite Andalusite Anglesite Andradite Amber
Anglesite Andradite Apatite Aragonite Amblygonite
ApatiteAragonite Anglesite Aquamarine (beryl) Baritw Andalusite
Barite apatite Aragonite Calcite Andradite
Benitoite Aragonite Aventurine (Quartz) Carnelian (Chalcedony) Aragonite
Beryllonite Aventurine (Quartz) Axinite Cassiterite Aventurine (Quartz)
Calcite Axinite Azurite Celestine Axinite
Celestine Barite Barite Coral Barite
Cerussite Beryllonite Benitoite Datilite Calcite
Danburite Brazilianite Bloodstone (Chacedony) Diamond Carnelian (Chalcodony)
Datolite Calcite Calcite Eudialyte Cassiterite
Diamond Cassiterite Celestine Fire Agate (Chalcedony) Celestine
Diopside Celestine Cerussite Grossular Chatoyant Quartz
Enstatite Cerussite Chatoyant Quartz Gypsum Chrysoberyl
Enclase Chrysoberyl Chysocolla Hessonite (Grossular) Coral
Fluorite Citrine (Quartz) Coral Iolite (Cordierite) Danburite
Goshenite (Beryl) Danburite Diamond Jadeite Datolite
Grossular Datolite Diopside Hasper (Chalcedony) Diamond
Hambergite Diamond Dumortierite Microcline Diopside
Hauyne Fluorite Euclase Opal Dravite (Tourmaline)
Iolite (Cordierite) Grossular Fluorite Pyrope Dumortierite
Kyanite Gypsum Hauyne Red Beryl Enstatite
Labradorite Hauyne Indicolite (Tourmaline) Rhodochrosite Fire agate (Chalcedony)
Microcline Heliodor (Beryl) Iolite (Cordierite) Rhodonite Fluorite
Moonstone(Orthoclase) Ivory Jasper (Chalecdony) Rubellite (Tourmaline) Grossular
Opal Jadeite Kyanite Ruby (Cordundum) Hessonite (Grossular)
Orthoclase Jasper (Chalcedony) Lazulite Rutile Hypersthene
Phenakite Kornerupine Lazurite (Lapis Lazuli) Sard (Chalcedony) Iolite (Cordierite)
Phosphophylite Labradorite Microcline Sardonyx (Chalcedony) Ivory
Pyrope Microcline Opal Scapolite Jadeite
Quartz w/Inclusions Moonstone (Orthoclase) Paraiba Tourmaline Serpentine Jasper (Chalcedony)
Rutile Nephrite Phosphophyllite Spessartine Jet
Sapphire (corundum) Oligoclase Sapphire (Corundum) Sphalerite Kornerupine
Scapolite Opal Scapolite Spinel Moonstone (Orthoclase)
Scheelite Orthoclase Serpentine Staurolite Nephrite
Smithsonite Pearl Smithsonite Taaffeite Obsidian
Spinel Phenakite Sodalite Tugtupite Oligiclase
Spodumene Prehnite Spinel Zircon Opal
Taaffeite Pyrite Taaffeite Pearl
Topaz Rutile Tanzanite (Zoisite) ORANGE Phenakite
Zircon Sapphire (Corundum) Topaz Albite Prehnite
Scapolite Tugtupite Amber Rhodochrosite
WHITE & GRAY Scheelite Turquoise Aragonite Rutile
Agate(Chalcedony) Meerschaum (Sepiolite) Vesuvianite Axinite Sapphire (Corundum)
Albite Serpentine Zircon Calcite Sard (Chalcedony)
Amblygonite Shell Carnelian (Chalcedony) Sardonyx (Chalcedony)
Andradite Sinhalite VIOLET & PURPLE Celestine Scapilite
Anglesite Smithsonite Agate (Chalcedony) Coral Scheelite
Apatite Smoky Quartz Almandine Diamond Serpentine
Aragonite Sphalerite Amethyst (Quartz) Fire Agate (Chalcedony) Shell
Aventurine (Quartz) Spodumene Andalusite  Fluorite Sillimantine
Axinite Titanite (Sphene) Apatite Grossular Sinhalite
Barite Topaz Axinite Hessonite (Grossular) Smoky Quartz
Beryllonite Vesuvianite Benitoite Labradorite Spessartine
Calcite Zircon Calcite Opal Sphalerite
Cerussite Cassiterite Sapphire (Corundum) Spinel
Chatoyant Quartz GREEN Coral Scheelite Staurolite
Coral Amblygonite Diamond Spessartine Titanite (Sphene)
Danburite Andalusite Diopside Sphalerite Tortoise Shell
Datolite Andradite Dumortierite Topaz Vesuvianite
Diamond Anglesite Fluorite Zircon
Diopside Apatite Iolite (Cordierite) Zoisite
Dolomite Aquamarnie (Beryl) Jadeite
Enstatite Aragonite Paraiba Tourmaline BLACK
Fluorite Aventurine (Quartz) Pearl Almandine
Gypsum Barite Rubellite Tourmaline Andradite
Hambergite Bloodstone (Chalcedony) Sapphire (Corundum) Axinite
Hauyne Brazilianite Scapolite Calcite
Howlite Calcite Shell Cassiterite
Hypersthene Cerussite Spinel Cerussite
Ivory Chatoyant Quartz Spodumene Coral
Jadeite Chrysoberyl Taaffeite Diamond
Labradorite Chrysocolla Tanzanite (Zoisite) Epidote
Meerschaum (Sepiolite) Chrysophrase (Chalcendony) Vesuvianite Jadeite
Microcline Datolite Jet
Milky Quartz Diamond PINK Nephrite
Moonstone (orthoclase) Diopside Amblygonite Obsidian
Nephrite Dioptase Andalusite  Onyx (chalcedony)
Obsidian Dravite (Tourmeline) Apatite Opal
Oligoclase Dumortierite Calcite Pearl
Opal Emerald (Beryl) Coral Rutile
Pearl Enstatite Danburite Sapphire (corundom)
Rhodochrosite Epidote Diamond Schorl (tourmaline)
Sapphire (Corundum) Euclase Dolomite Serpentine
Scapolite Fluorite Dumortierite Sphalerite
Shell Gaspetite Fluorite Spinel
Sillimanite Grossulas Grossular Sturolite
Sodalite Hauyne Gypsum Zircon
Spodumene Hypersthene Hauyne
Tugtupite Indicolite (tourmaline) Jasper (Chalecdony)
Zoisite Jadeite Microcline
Jasper (Chalcedony) Moonstone (Orthoclase)
Kornerupine Morganite (beryl)
Kyanite Opal
Malachite Pearl
Maw-sit-sit Phenakite
Mircocline Pyrope
Moldavite Rhodochrosite
Moonstone (Orthoclase) Rhodonite
Nephite Rose Quartz
Obsidian Rubellite (Tourmaline)
Oligoclase Sapphire (Corundum)
Opal Scapolite
Paraiba Tourmaline Shell
Peridot (Forsterite) Sodalite
Phosphophyllite Smithsonite
Prehnite Spinel
Sapphire (Corundum) Spodumene
Serpentine Taaffeite
Shell Topaz
Sillimanite Tugtupite
Sinhalite Watermelon Tourmaline
Smithsonite Zoisite
Titanite (Sphene)
Tsavorite (Grossular)
Watermelon Tourmaline
Refer: GEMSTONES by Karen Hurrell & Mary L. Johnson
          GEMSTONES OF THE WORLD by Walter Schumana
          HEALING CRYSTALS AND GEMSTONES by Dr. Flora Peschek-Bohmer, Gisela Schreiber
 For additional information, please pick up these books at your local book stores.