Healing With Gemstones

This information is not medial advice or treatment for specific conditions.  Please consult your physician for medical advice.
It is recommended that healing stones be placed into sun and or expose them to moonlight from time to time.  This can replenish the energy that has meanwhile been used.
Synthetic stones may not be used for healing.  Only natural stones store the power of nature.
Healing stone power has not been proven scientifically.  Traditional medicine rejects therepy with gemstones.
Eye Inflammation Headaches Sore Throat Heart Ailments Arthritis Testicles Pancreas Blisters Sciatica Toenails Varicose Vains
Lepophylite Amethyst Aquamarine Advanturine Apatite Rock Crystal Amethyst Agate Amethyst Amber Aquamarine
Aquamarine Azurite Barytes Calcite Aquamarine Chalcedony Citrine Beryl Chroslite Chrysophase Rock Crystal
Eye Agate Rock Crystal Rock Crystal Rose Chalcedony Amber Diamond Garnet Indigolite Chrysophase Diamond Amber
Rock Crystal Diamond Lapis Lazuli Dolomite Spar Euclase Garnet Yellow Jasper Rhodochrisite Citrine Garnet Chrysoprase
Chalcedony Dioptase Larimar Carnelian Fluorite Jade Red Jasper Vanadinite Diamond Island Spar Diamond
Dioptose Numortierite Opal Magnesite Garnet Carnelian Magnetite Adventurine Heliotrope Jasper Garnet
Hawk's Malachite Violet Fluorite Silver Morganite Island Spar Rose Quartz Moonstone Diamond Jasper Carnelian Carnelian
Onyx Hematite Sodalite Muscovite Magnetite Rubellite Obsidian Lapis Lazuli Carnelian Onyx Lapis Lazuli
Sapphire Lapis Lazuli Blue Topaz Orthoclase Malachite Thulite Prehnite Turquoise Lapis Lazuli Orange Calcite Pearl
Larimar Pincopale Pyrite Tigers' Eye Grn Tourmaline Zircon Magnetite Pearl Ruby
Magnesite Pyrolusite Tourmaline Zircon Malachite Rhodochrosite Sapphire
Malachrite Rhodnite Pearl Rose Quartz Layered Agate
Moonstone Rose Quartz Pyrite Ruby Topaz
Emerald Topaz Rhodochrosite Sapphire Zircon
Tigers' Eye Turquoise Rose Quartz Turquoise
Ruby Red Tourmaline
Tigers' Eye