Metal Is




PEWTER – is available in both natural form or lead-free



PLATED – industry standards of .15  to .25 mils plated thickness of gold, silver over  bass metal



ELECTROPLATED –  gold, silver or  nickel washed over brass or steel.  Thickness not standardized



GOLD –FILLED – layers of gold rolled with brass to thickness.  Maintain quality for extended period and is wearable by most. 12 to 14 Kt is average



STERLING SILVER – 92.5% pure silver, other metal alloy my bee nickel or copper



FINE SILVER – 99.9% pure silver, used mostly for findings




NIOBLUM – made of hypo-allergenic metal. Natural grey color but available in six colors



KARAT – (KT) amount of fine gold



VERMEIL – components made of sterling silver, electroplated with 18kt or 22kt yellow gold



NICKEL – components made mostly of nickel