Bead Color and Finishes

For Seed beads

TSL – Transparent Silver Lined : hole of bead is silver lined while bead is transparent

TR - Transparent Rainbow : Aurora Borealis rainbow finish while bead is transparent

T MA – Transparent Matte: Frosted finish, while bead is transparent

TL – Transparent Luster: Pearlized finish while bead is transparent

T - Transparent: Light can pass through bead

S-MA – Semi-Matte: not shiny or matte

S - Satin: Silky finish

R – Rainbow: Aurora Borealis finish

OPR – Opaque Rainbow: Aurora Borealis rainbow finish while the bead is opaque

OPL – Opaque Luster: Pearl finish while opaque

OP – Opaque: solid bead color

MR – Metallic Rainbow: also know as “Iris”

MA – Matte: Frosted over opaque bead

M – Metallic: looks like metal or metallic

L – Luster: Pearl finish

ICL – Inside Colorlined: transparent bead with different color center

GA – Galvanized: Plated

F – Fancy: transparent, colorlined with an Aurora Borealis finish

CR – Crystal: Transparent with darker colorlined inside

C – : Opaque Luster with a pearlized finish while the color is softer overall

AL– Alabaster - : Translucent marbleized