Beaded Basics


Delicas (11/0) Bead Chart


200 per gram
1400 per 7 grams
(Gems package size)
2000 per 10 grams

Japanese Seed (11/0) Bead Chart

11/0 120 per gram
3500 per 6" tube (Gems package size)

Japanese Seed (15/0) Bead Chart


15/0 250 per gram
2500 per 10 grams (Gems package size)


Precious Metal Clay - What is it?

Precious Metal clay is micron-sized particles of fine silver that have been placed in an organic binder.  This organic binder functions like clay so that it may be manipulated and formed into wonderful Objects D' Arte.  These objects are then fired in a kiln, the binder burns away, and the micron-sized silver particles come together to form a creation of 99.9% fine silver.  PMC offers an amazing new way to experience metalsmithing.